Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Rules

I'm not in love with the Air Force.   Haven't been for a while.  If the Air Force wants a happy relationship with me, some things need to change....

So... I have some rules that I'd like to discuss with the Air Force:

First :  If you call Pave more then 3 times on a day he has taken leave (each conversation requiring at least 15-30 min),  he doesn't get charged that day leave.

Second:  When he becomes flight chief on a temp basis... you give him some space.  Great, he has his goal cut in half, but he is still required to do all his school visits for these months, plus the FC duties.  Do you see how that doesn't really work?

Third:  When it is 9:00 at night, don't call him on his personal phone.  If he didn't answer the work phone, there is probably a reason (he was tucking his daughter into bed).  When he can talk, he'll call you back.

Fourth:  When the guy that is supposed to ship out, suddenly gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks, it's not his fault.  He weighed him two Friday's ago, and was nine pounds away from his max weight.  He couldn't measure him the Friday before he shipped because YOU had him at a stupid meeting 5 hours away.... so what more can he do.

Fifth:  I realize that you are expecting a lot from 18-22 year old.  However, without having his ENTIRE group of DEP'ers move into OUR house and going on lock down, he can't control their every move.... so, when a 19 year old gets a DUI, it is NOT fair for you to take the attitude "Well, his recruiter must have not told him he shouldn't do that, so it's the recruiters fault."  No.It's.Not.

If we could abide by these rules, the next three years should go peacefully....

Me (his supportive wife)

PS:  Ummm, we're adopting, but you know how that goes, we might have no warning.  We might get called tomorrow to pick up a baby on Wednesday.  Sorry, I can't give you any more notice that that, if I could I would.  So, see this as your notice.  This  means that he will have a new baby soon, so when that joyous day arrives, he will take his day's of leave.... and you will grant it....You pull any of the bull shit listed above, and you will have one PISSED OFF mamma bear... no, I might have not given birth to our child, but you will learn quickly, you mess with my family-


  1. Gotta love the army...

    I am so excited about your adoption and I will be following closely...

  2. Oh the joys of AF Recruiting! Seriously, will the world crumble if you don't call him on his day off or late at night? And common' what was that guy doing to gain six pounds in two weeks? Love to both of you!

  3. I could have written this nearly verbatim a couple of years ago. LOL The day he turned in his government cell phone was a joyous occasion. :-)

  4. I love your rules! let's pass them out! :)

    I'm a recruiter's wife as well and you can find me at:

  5. I am your newest follower and fellow AF wife. Can you please follow back. I love your blog :)