Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Half way wait

Our adoption agency gave us a time us a timeline for hearing back from them. Four to six weeks.

After they came back so fast for our packet one (they said 2-4 weeks, it was three days), I had my hopes up that this might have an 'accelerated' timeline.

Monday was the 3rd week. If we look at the longest time frame, we're half way there.

So much has happened in three weeks. It's amazing. And Scary!

We did our first lab (with water!) in fourth grade... and I ummm... have some modifications that I'll pass on to the other 4th grade teacher before she does it on Friday!

Overall it went well, we only had one 'solution' spill, and it was after they had filtered out the iron fillings (with a magnet), rocks (with wire mesh), sand (with filter paper)... so really, it was just salt water, that we now need to wait until it evaporates to get the answer....

I might speed the process up by 're-making' the saltwater solution but with less water.

Does that make me bad teacher. Please tell me other teachers 'modified' experiments when the kids weren't around to speed them up!

Since we live in the Midwest, there is not much that can count as a 'flavor of home'. I do miss New Mexico. Especially at fall. Fall means Dixon Apple Farm, the State Fair, Green Chile harvest, and the Balloon Fiesta. I get none of that here. Except, to my surprise, a local grocer brought in HATCH Green Chile!!!

My husband and I bought out two stores. So the last few days have been full of roasting, peeling, chopping.... ugh! Can we say!!!

I prepared a majority of the Chile so that it could be frozen and used in individual dishes, but decided to get adventurous and make green chile jelly (jam?).

I chopped 18 chiles up, but they are currently sitting in a bowl in my fridge, because I'm exhausted, and know I don't EVEN want to begin the jelly (jam?) process.... so it will be done tomorrow.


  1. Chile jam? Blech! Lol. I guess I'd have to try it. :)

    Yay for being half-way there!

  2. I am absolutely beyond jealous about your new chile stash. We still have some frozen from when I moved in last year, but I'm using it very sparingly, because I don't know when we're going home next. I miss home SO much. You're right, fall in NM is the absolute best time of year. I'm excited to hear about the jam—I have some green chile apple pie and green chile raspberry jam in my pantry now, but I didn't make it, just bought it the last time I was home. Ah, you make me miss home!