Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer of "One Oh" (part V)

We went to the lake with Aleigha, and Pave's parents

The water was so awesome!!!

Just about perfect!

They had this cool 'tube' thing

Pave and I flipped it before his Dad even started pulling it!

So much fun!

Hope we get to go back once more before summer is over!!!


  1. Hi there, I'm a recruiter's wife too! That was the reason I started my (neglected)blog...I've only found 1 other besides you :^/

    Would love to connect with you :)

  2. I'm super jealous- the weather in these parts has been HORRIBLE this summer, and we've spent way less time at the lake than I had hoped.

    Perhaps it's meant to be this way, since my husband will be returning from Afghanistan in the new year, I hope all the sun shines down on us next summer!