Monday, March 1, 2010


So I've been bad at posting, though I have been reading!

My excuses are as follows (in no particular order):

* Date week with my husband (always, the week before we leave, we do a whole bunch of things to 'store up' since we won't be together. Shopping, dinner, movies, walks, home projects you get it!)

* Getting adjusted to being in the house alone.

* Midterms- tests and projects... need I say more...

* My computer got a horrible virus on it and I had to reload everything...

I'd been putting off posting something, because I knew how long of a post it would be to 'catch up' on everything I had missed.... but really, you all don't want to read a rundown of my life for the last few weeks, so as I remember pivotal things, I'll post them.

So, as I sign off- I'll share with you my quote of the day from last Friday:

"You know you are a grad student when you go searching through your purse for chapstick, and find 2 highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips, and a research journal... but no chapstick."


  1. Lol. I hope things are going well. I think of you often :)

  2. It's all good sweetie, we totally understand. *hugs* I look forward to seeing your little spurts of catching us up. :)