Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is something unnerving about taking a shower and having a Great Dane stare at you. The whole time.

I mentioned it to my husband, and he laughed. I guess in the morning (he is always up before me and takes his showers first), she comes over and he fills up a cup with the warm shower water and puts it out for her to drink. We always have a cup in there that we fill up and 'splash off' any soap that has gotten on the side walls... weird I know, we just always have done it.

So anyways, sure enough, the next morning, she came up and just stood their, and I finally understood she was waiting for her daily routine that she started with Pave. I filled up the water, she drank it, I filled it up again, she drank it... this repeated for about 4 or 5 times, and then she walked away to go play. Its not like our dogs don't have open access to water all the time. There is always two huge bowls of water in the kitchen, and if they were really dying of thirst (not that I would encourage it) we have 2 toilets....

It must be something about the warm water that she likes. Who knows. Crazy Girl. I can tell they are missing Pave as much as I am, simple little things that he does for them that I don't (or never had any idea he did them). We are ready for him to come home! But until then, I will fill up the cup of water and set it out, because it keeps life as normal as possible.


  1. lol. Sweetpea loves drinking out of the shower/tub water...it's strange. But hey, it makes them happy!

  2. That is absolutely adorable...but definitely a little unnerving/creepy at first I'm sure.