Friday, January 8, 2010

Commence the De-Decorating

I promised Pave that on my second snow day in a row, I would get the house 'undecorated'.
Ugh, I should have waited until the weekend, when he could help me.

But, I can say, after several hours, and some encouragement from Pandora, I got it done.

BEFORE: All the boxes, ready to be stuffed with the Christmas decor...

AFTER: Everything packed nicely and waiting for Pave to take it up to the attic tomorrow (hopefully).

I had mentioned that I wouldn't mind him stopping by the store as a 'thank you' for all my hard work today....

and he DELIVERED!!!
I married a good man!
I'm three bottles in, (and watching a Hillary Duff movie "Material Girls"... someone save me) and hoping to finish the rest off tonight!


  1. My boxes are packed and ready for storage too since Monday. Now it's Pjs turn to take down the lights and pack the tree. Hopefully the boxes will be out by Sunday (Cowboys play tonight so tonight is a waste lol). Today is DEP call so there goes half the day!!

  2. I love Pandora! I hate de-decorating lol.