Friday, January 8, 2010

*Updated* That Wife

Several of you have either commented or sent me e-mails saying you would love more "People of the PX/BX"... only problem is, being on recruiting duty, we aren't NEAR a BX, but if you all will snap the photos I'll post them! Maybe I can even make a website.... heaven know's there are enough 'subjects' out there!

However, until the pic's start flowing in... a friend of mine (who actually figured me out... I tried to be so SNEEKY with my 'non descriptive' description... smart girl!) that I actually met at the annual I mentioned in my post sent me this picture! We 'stole' it off the professional photographers website, hence all the 'copyright' watermarks... but needless to say, you can see what I was talking about! She was good enough to 'edit' the offenders head out of it (thanks girl!). Tell me, is she not TOTALLY 'that wife'!?! I wish we had one of the back... and the panties... it would be priceless!


  1. Wow. I am honestly speechless. That's beyond inappropriate, unless, you know, you are hanging out at the Playboy mansion.

  2. Oh ew. She doesn't even have the body to be wearing that... I'm horrible. :(