Thursday, January 7, 2010

People of the BX/PX

I don't know if any of you have found this gem, People of Walmart, but I go there for a daily laugh!

Anyone who has been a military wife for ANY length of time have seen them....

That wife.

That wife that makes you ask, "why".

That wife that you just shake your head.

That wife that needs to call housing maintaince, because they don't have mirror in their house.

Now, before I get hate mail, I'm not criticizing the mom who looks dishelved, and goes to the commisary in sweats to grab a few things. I HAVE BEEN THAT WIFE!

I'm talking about those that seem to not know that they look like trashy tramp whores. At my husbands last annual awards, there was a wife who wore a white sparkley dress. It had a cut out where her cleavage was, one over her belly button, and one in between. Think three flesh ovals down the front. And then there was the back.... no joke, completely open back that couldn't have stopped more then an inch or so above her crack. Oh, and she wore panties.... and you could see them.... did I say she had gloves that went up her whole arm. And there were sparkles?

Mmmm.... ya.

I wasn't brave enough to snap a picture, but I wish I would have!!!

Anyways back to topic- People of the BX/PX.

A while ago I went to go visit my in-laws who live at an Army Post that does both basic and some MOS schools (sorry, Army gals, is that what they are called... in the Air Force we call them Tech School). This girl was there visiting her boyfriend who was graduating.

I was at the PX with Pave's Mom, and she grabbed me and showed me her. Oh. My. Gosh. I couldn't take a picture on my phone of her front without her noticing, and this was taken from around a corner (hence her head being cut off) because I was to chicken shit to step into the aisle
If you look real close (again, this was taken with my Blackberry, zoomed in, from around the corner...) you can see her BLACK THONG through her dress. Also a note for anyone who is not used to wearing high heals-

-Don't wear heals for the first time on a graduation
-Don't wear 6 inch heals until you have mastered the 2'', 3'', and 4'' ones.
-Don't 'clop' around the PX, you'll annoy the hell out of the rest of us.
-Don't get mad when us short girls (who have worn heals for a majority of our life) laugh at you when you struggle to walk. We can vacuum a house, climb on a roof, walk 3 dogs, change a tire and FUCKING SPRINT in our 6 inch stilettos.... BRING IT!

(and yes, all of the above examples I HAVE DONE and more!)

Ok, over my rant!

Hope you all enjoyed your day, I know mine was interesting, but excited for another snow day tomorrow!


  1. LOL let me look at my pics I think I might have her in the background of one. LOL

  2. Oh, I saw "THAT" wife at the Marine Corps ball. Haha. :)

  3. When I went for my cousin's basic graduation, there was this girl sitting in front of us wearing TIGHT khaki pants, with her thong hanging out, and a tiny shimmery silver shiny tube tob that was like 3 sizes too small. It was horrific.

  4. This idea is brilliant! You should do "People of the PX/BX" Weekly!

    The other day I was behind a woman at the commissary who had leggings on that were so tight/see through that I could see her underwear VERY clearly.