Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dress Shopping!

YEA! I get to go shopping for a new, formal dress!

Pave was invited to an awards ceremony/dance at a local JROTC. He has to wear Mess Dress, and I need to dress up to. I only have one dress that I really like, (which I wore to the annual), so I asked him if he thought I should get a new one. I reminded him that they are an 'investment', because I can rotate them for any events he has at high schools.... He very flatly said...

"Don't try to sell a salesman."

I about died laughing, because up until 6 months ago, I was the salesman in the house! Funny how we've switched rolls... but he's right, it's been much harder to use my 'sales techniques' on him to get what I want (like a new flat screen tv on Black Friday....).

So.... tomorrow I'm off to go shopping! It's past homecoming, but way to early for prom... hopefully I can find something.

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