Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wanna Be Martha!

So, I saw that Wal Mart had an ad out that said you could feed 8 people Thanksgiving for $25.00 (including the turkey). To that I say "BullShit!". I didn't even have to BUY the turkey (my in-laws made/brought them one oven, one deep fried). This is what $111.73 worth of Thanksgiving groceries (I thought it would take more bags...)

My birthmother hosts dinner parties for 18+ guests on a very frequent basis, and last year when I was hosting my first Thanksgiving, advised me to set out all my serving dishes I was going to use, and then put the ingredients of whatever was going to be made in that dish. So... here is my 'prep area' on Wednesday night.

I knew the next day, I was going to be up to my eyeballs... so I set my table Wednesday night too. If you remember, Pave has definite OCD tendencies, epically with clutter/cleaning issues. Earlier in the week, when I was describing how I wanted to set the table, he asked why we couldn't just serve everyone on paper plates. The bad part about it was he was dead. freaking. serious. He was just a bit overwhelmed during the meal, but dealt with it, and I was proud! My mother in law took pictures of the table right before, (because my camera was no where to be found at the time). When I get those, I will post them too!

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  1. Oh I love the set up!

    Thats crazy that you spent that much. I guess you can only do the $25 if you buy all off-brand stuff, huh?