Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holy Cow.

It's been nine days since I've updated. I have no defence, other then:

*Celebrated my nephews first birthday
*Remembered the loss of our Sea Monkey a year ago
*In a surprise turn of events I hosted Thanksgiving
*My guest list grew, and grew, and then shrunk
*We started a new cycle of fertility drugs (and all the doctor's appointments that go with that...)
*I attended DEP call, (did set up, and clean up)
*Shopped for Christmas presents
*Wrapped every. single. present (aren't you jealous!)
*Got in a fight with my step-daughters mother... except she is to dumb to figure out how incredibly inappropriate Twilight movie is for a 10 year old.
*Spent many more hours than EVER planned helping Pave out at the office.
*Made a really cool (though a bit white trash) tree out of a tomato cage
*Helped a friend put up her Christmas lights

*Tried to be a good wife as Pave came home most nights WAY after 8pm.... our area is to have four recruiters- there were two when we got here, one that separated literally weeks after we got here, and one that separated about 2 weeks ago. After Pave got here, another guy came about 3 weeks later. The guy that left though- It was very sudden, they sold their house, he got a job back home, and they were gone. Many of the recruits (and their parents) were PISSED. He apparently had been telling them things that there was NO way he could back up. The are actually talking about calling him off of his terminal leave, to clean up the mess. One guy is 40 lbs overweight... and has a job booked for February. Another thought he was joining- get this- the RESERVES!!!! Really!?! It's been hard, even more so, because the other guy (who is newer then Pave) just had knee surgery, so he's out on convalescent leave, until Mid-December. So... Pave is running an entire area that is set up for four recruiters. He went into work on Wednesday to just call back people that had left messages.... he thought he would be a few hours... he went there at 9am, got home after 5pm. I know recruiting is long hours, I have accepted that, but this is just getting ridiculous. Right now- I'm over it.

I'm sure there is more, but my brain is dead. I'm enjoying watching tv, snuggling with Pave, and drinking my hot coco. Maybe I'll get motivated and get some pictures up of this last week.

Hope you all had a blessed holiday!


  1. Actually, I AM jealous that you got all of your gifts wrapped. I haven't wrapped a single one yet, since all of mine are being done in homemade wrapping paper that has yet to be completed.

    And I agree. Twilight is much too much for a 10 year old.

  2. You've been busy!

    I'm just jealous you actually started your Christmas shopping... I have yet to begin, or give serious thought to what I'm buying.

  3. Ugh, people that make the messes should have to clean them up! Sorry you are not seeing more of your man. Jealous that you have bought much less wrapped your xmas presents!