Thursday, October 1, 2009


We are somewhere between the current place we call 'home', and the home I will always carry in my heart! Surprise surprise, Pave didn't get done until almost 1:30pm today, not noon like planned. I guess I shouldn't complain, because his leave doesn't officially start until midnight, so he still got out 'early'. However, Mr. Garmen is now telling us that we won't arrive to my parents house until 2:01am.... ugh! We will have to sleep fast, because I know they already have the day planned! Also, I found out late last night that my best friend EVER is going to come up. We haven't seen each other in almost 5 years (when she was my maid of honor). I don't know what is best, the fact that I'm going home, or that while I'm home I'll be able to see her!

So, Albuquerque here we come. If only Oklahoma City would be a distant memory, instead of our next gas stop.

Ohhh... I better get off here, I didn't quite think this blog thing through. I read the updates on all the blogs I follow, and now am typing this (obviously) and why I didn't think this qualified as 'reading while diving' I'm not sure, but my stomach is sure telling me that it does!

I'm on Pave's work computer (gotta love that they are giving recruiters air cards now), so I can't sign off with my normal signature... so here it goes-

Mrs. Pave*

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  1. I hope ya'll have a wonderful trip! I've heard amazing things about the hot air balloons in New Mexico. I can't wait to see pictures!