Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love this picture

Why you ask.... because it only means one thing! We're going on vacation!!! YEAH!!!
Actually it's not a 'true' vacation to somewhere tropical or anything, but its a trip home, and those are always wonderful! Not that being excited about going home was enough, but I found out late last night that my best friend, who I haven't seen since our wedding (she's been bouncing around Texas becoming a doctor), is going to be coming up for a few days. DOUBLE BONUS!!
This weekend will start the Albuquerque International Balloon fiesta, and I haven't seen it since Pave moved me to this god-forsaken place the mid-west. It is truly one of my favorite time of the year, and the kick off of fall.
We are also going to bring my step daughter- Aleigha. She has never been to my parents house, and boy are they excited! I know that we are planing on going to Santa Fe on the Rail Runner (commuter train that is only about a year old), Dixon apple farm (to pick our own apples, and get some home made cider), go to the Crest to show her where Pave proposed to me. We live on a ranch (sort of... it's not working anymore! Dad didn't like all the animals), and she thinks maybe PaPa will let her drive the farm truck in the pasture... we told her 'we'll see' but really my Dad can't wait to take her out!
I didn't sleep well last night... I think that its all the excitement. But now that I think about it, it could have been the THREE dogs that were in bed with us! Kayden is Pave's dog, and she was compleatly stressing! She hates it when we leave (I had to drug her with anti-psycotics while he was deployed), so he let her up on the bed (she was hiding betweent he couch and a cedar chest). Well, when one gets on, they all get on. Ya, fun!
Well- We're off! Albuquerque, here we come!


  1. Have a great time.

    Im praying that we don't have to put Chyna down but she is either almost 11 or almost 12 in human years. Her hips are starting to give out and all she does is sleep now a days. :(

    I look forward to hearing about your trip!

  2. lol, I'm from the midwest and call Texas the God-forsaken place

  3. Have fun! I never sleep well before we go on a trip either!