Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Albuquerque Day 1

So it was a long trip out there... like it always is! Friday was our first full day there. We ended up hanging around my parents house mostly. Dad made his famous pancakes, which Aleigha loved! Mom had a haircut, so we went along. It was nice to see Con, she's been cutting my hair since I was little, and last time I saw her was when she did my hair for my wedding. We ate lunch at one of my favorite places - Dion's Pizza. They were just an Albuquerque thing, but they have been expanding, opening up in other places in Utah and Texas. They have great pizza (we had the usual- pepperoni, mushrooms, and green chili, yum!). I also got a bottle of their ranch dressing. They make it themselves, and its ah-maz-ing!! My parents own rental property, and acquired one since I was there last, so we went to go check it out, they are completely remodeling it. The rest of the afternoon was spent just catching up on sleep! My best friend is in El Paso doing her internship (?) I think! She's in med school, isn't to residency yet... so whatever that section is called, that's where she is. We haven't seen each other since my wedding, so it was great to see her! We ended up staying up late talking in the bedroom (Pave was not happy, he was trying to sleep!).

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