Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Chef

So we are not Top Chef watchers.... (duh! It wasn't on my list below! ) but while watching other stuff on Bravo, we saw the premier where they cook for a bunch of Airman at we were thinking Nellis AFB. Can I just say it was humorous because Pave got so upset at the chef's calling them 'servicemen'.... he kept saying, they're Airman, they're Airman! It was funny.
Today we were able to take a short trip back to our old base. Pave's supervisor retired, and we were so excited to see her and her family. She is an amazing woman. I'll try to get pictures up of it tomorrow. Damn school visits, he couldn't leave one of the schools (they had like four different lunches!) so we left town late. We made it just in time to be the last one's in the line to congratulate her. Ya. I know. Sucky.

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