Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So can I just say I'm addicted to reality TV. I was surprised of how much TV we actually watch, but I got to thinking about it, and there is something on almost every night that is one of our 'gotta watch it' shows.

I break it down into 3 categories (of which Pave will only watch from the first one)

Cop/Military/Lawyer shows:
Law & Order
CSI (the original one only)
The Unit (sadly no longer on)
In Plain Sight (partly because it was filmed in Albuquerque)
Lie to Me
Prison Break (though I'm not sure... it's gotten weird)
The Mentalist

"Chick" shows (if they were books- they would be 'chick-lit'
Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Army Wives

ALL of "The Real Housewives of OC/NY/NJ/ATL"
Flipping out
Operation Repo
Tool Academy
Hells Kitchen
Jon and Kate + 8

A few random ones:
Fringe (love.love.love. which is weird for me, because I usually don't like sci-fi stuff)
Dollhouse (ditto above... unusual love because I'm not so into sci-fi)
Royal Pains
The Philanthropist

Oh.My.Gosh. That is alarming really! I guess if I try to make myself feel a little better, some are on opposite seasons (only play during the summer, like the few USA Network shows)... but really, that doesn't help much.

Tomorrow we get to go back to our old base, YEA! And to see some of our old friends. Double YEA! Pave's old boss is retiring, and she invited us to come up. Actually she wanted Pave to be the MC for everything. He doesn't like big crowds, but said he was very honored, and would try. Unfortunately, someone from the squadron was supposed to come up and do the 'PR' stuff. It then got changed to next week, but not with enough notice, she found someone else. We are so excited for her and her family (her husband retired about 1 1/2 ago) and are happy that they finally get to go back 'home' to Texas.


  1. LOVE House and cop shows. I'm bummed because I won't have a TV until... well... I dunno, at least the middle of October, so I'm going to miss the beginning of everything. Is that sad that I'm thinking about that?

    I watched CSI in high school, and then was off it for a while, but I LOVED last season! And I do like Miami (I know it's so cheesy, but it makes me think of the older detective from Law and Order) but I can't get into NY.

  2. I loveee NCIS, Fringe, Lie to Me, Real Housewives of the OC, and of course Army Wives. I watch a lot of TV, too, but dang when you're home all day with nothing to do what are you SUPPOSED to do?! Lol.

  3. Saw your post and haven't had a chance to reply! We didn't get a chance to try out that pizza place but are definitely going to next trip (next week I think). We needed to get something quick and opted for Freebird's. Makes me hungry for pizza thinking about it. Anyway--I love the bathroom link you sent me. That's kinda the look I'm going for and you did a great job with the colors and decor. Oh and completely related to your post--I am a reality TV junkie to the max! I watch all the housewives, Tool Academy (have it Tivoed and can't wait to watch it!) and J&K+8. And many, many more. Hmmm...this got really long! Sorry 'bout that! :)