Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stick, Stamp, Gather, and Stuff

So once again I get to play secretary for the Air Force... and let me tell you how much I LOVE that job! Since school has started, Pave is doing all the visits for the schools in his zone. That means that he needs all the literature. That means that all the literature needs his name on it. That means that if I want to see him at all the next few nights (or weekend), I need to step in. So while he was building case files, and returning phone calls (which he had a TON because he's been out of the office for the last few days) I stuck labels on everything, stamped his name on what I could, gathered all the stamped/suck things and stuffed them into folders (which were also stamped). What fun! Well, that was my evening, but he's still there working on something. I HAD to leave because The Real Housewives of Atlanta are on now (well, soon).

Fertility wise, my follicle study sucked. Big time. After last month which whet so well (besides the fact that I didn't get pregnant), I should have known it would be to good for this month to go well. They duplicated my dosage, but still didn't do much of anything, 2 follies that are 8mm and 10.2mm, not even 1/2 of where they should be. They started me on another round of Clomid, but upped the dosage to 150mg. Is that normal, two 'rounds' of Clomid in one cycle? They almost did injectables, but stopped short of that. Maybe next month they said. Again... Joy. So now poor Pave has to deal with another few days of the Clomid Crazies that I go through. Even better- It's a long weekend! I think he's going to take me to his parents, so he can deflect some of the bitchiness. I promised I would try to be nice.

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