Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is what $1000.00 looks like!

So, since the Clomid didn't work at 100mg, or 150mg, Dr. S moved me to Femera, and FSH injections. When I went for my last ultrasound, Dave, the U/S tech asked me what day I was on.... 19. He made me smile when he said "why am I still seeing you?". I was afraid that this cycle was shot, and so I asked what the plan is for next cycle... he responded with golden words, "Why, are you wanting to take the rest of this cycle off? There is no need for you to have a period right now, you haven't ovulated... all that is is a crappy reminder that you're not pregnant yet." At that moment, I fell in love with that man. I even considered naming our first born after him. Though I'm not sure how Pave feels on the subject...

He said even though we weren't going to start my cycle over, we needed to start counting over, because otherwise 'Dave will go crazy". So now we are officially day 6. I was supposed to start my FSH shots on Monday, and then do another one today. Dr. S told me that I needed to get the two shots from his nurse, and I could just pay on my way out.... My only question was "ummm- can you write me a prescription?" He had this quizzical look, but once I explained that TriCare will pay for them, as long as we aren't doing IUI, or IVF, he understood. He wasn't sure if my co-pay would apply to each vial, or the single prescription of 20 vials, but worse case, $9.00 each is better $50.00 to get them from him! He wasn't even offended that I didn't want my drugs from him! :)

It was kinda a cluster to get everything approved, ExpressScripts had to talk with my doctor to confirm that we aren't doing IUI, but after that it went smooth... until wonderful Walgreen's didn't get the prescription in on time (after I spent 45 min there on Friday, as they called the warehouse to check and make sure they had it in stock, who knows what happened). So they overnighted it to me, and I got them Tuesday. I don't know what I was expecting when I opened the box, but it wasn't whatever I saw!

Holy crap- What is all this stuff!?! Luckily, one of the few friends that I have here is a nurse, she also has gone through the whole fertility thing (double yea!). She came over and did explained everything for me, which was good. I wasn't sure if I could give myself a shot, and maybe if push came to shove, I could, but since she lives a street away, why not! Plus we get to hang out for a bit, which is always good.

I sent my Mom a picture, and just titled the e-mail, "A Thousand Dollars"

Her response was simply "WOW! But perhaps well spent?!? I love you, hope the shots don't continue to hurt, Love, Mom"

It made me smile. Oh, and even now that I know what to expect, still don't love them! But I'm not bruised, so that is good, for now.


  1. Yay for Tricare paying! Gotta love insurance. I got my big box of meds for IVF today too which of course Tricare declined to pay for! :)

  2. Sucky!!! Maybe if I have any extras we can get together :) He prescribed WAY more then we needed (he thought at most we would need 9), and next month he'll do it for 30, now that we know it will go through, so we have some 'stock piled' from 'non- IUI' cycles. Then, if it gets that far, we can do a couple of IUI cycles with the 'leftovers'. Hopefully we have a Sea Monkey before then though! We aren't as brave as you to go for IVF... Props to you! :)

  3. Wow.
    Keep us updated. :)
    I read this girl's blog who had to do the shots and she just had her husband do it. I would probably have to have Nate do it for me too because I don't think I could ever do it to myself. Hopefully I never get diabetes...