Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recruiting TV Style

So I was curious as to how the writers were going to portray Trevor as a recruiter. Well, tonight was the first time we got to 'see him in action'.

So far, my favorite lines of the night:
-Trevor's 'boss' when he's 'motivating' him: "If you don't bring me 2 a month, your ass is grass!"
-MOS, PT etc.... Aren't recruiters NOT supposed to use acronyms. I know Pave had to pay a dollar every time he said one in training.
-Roxy to Trevor: "Just because you are a recruiter doesn't mean you have to drink the koolaid!"

All I have to say, is that I'm glad Pave's flight chief isn't like that. It probably helps, that they have been the number one flight in their squadron for quite a while, but we are lucky to be in a very 'pro-military' community, so he doesn't really have to prospect. The office he took over had a recruiter that was consistently 175% + of his goal... that was until he got caught sleeping with a female recruit and, imagine that- popped a positive pregnancy test at MEPS right before she shipped for basic! (nice hunh!)

Also, someone told us that the extra duty pay is our 'actors pay'. Is that not SO true! No matter what goes on at home, we love the Air Force, and we love each other! Someone hasn't told Roxy about that! :)

The rest of the season looks, shall we say 'drama filled'. I couldn't tell if it was Trevor or not that was looking at the box with the gun.... maybe they really are going to show the 'real' side of recruiting, that most people face. Luckily we aren't one of those families....yet. Though, being child free might have something to do with it.


  1. I caught last nights episode as well. I wanted to slap the recruiter boss for being such a meanie. LOL

    I think its jeremy looking at the gun. I definitely think the next few episodes are going to be drama filled.

    I almost cried at the end last night, thankfully I didn't because Hubby was asleep already. LOL

  2. Yeah that was definitely Jeremy looking at the gun. He probably has really bad PTSD.

    Well, I obviously don't know how it is in all recruiting stations, but I can tell you that in my husband's station, when he first started, it was worse than what Trevor went through. Nate had it ROUGH. Constantly being yelled at, hounded, made to do this many hours of phone calls, this many hours of P3, etc. He was hardly ever home.

    Actor's pay? Ha.

    I think they were just playing up the fact that Roxie is clueless. If you saw one of the first episodes, she saluted General Holden because she just didn't know what to do. Of course, if I went to dinner with Nate and a recruit, I would not tell him/her what I REALLY think about the Army, but thats not because I'm being paid an "actor's fee". Just because its common sense.

    I'm excited for the upcoming episodes! Especially to find out what the deal is with Chase and Pamela!