Friday, September 11, 2009

Jam Session

So, the doctor's appointment went pretty crappy. After the upped dose of Clomid last week, they expected some great follical growth, but oh no... 1mm.... in 8 days.... it only grew Really? How can this be? It worked perfectly last month. So now we are on to injectables, and I'm not so fond of that idea, but I guess it's where we are at now. And its not so much the shots, its just that I know I won't be able to give them to myself, and Pave refuses to (hes really weired about that kind of stuff...). Luckely, I have a good friend that is a nurse, and she said she would happily stick me! Her and I actually had a great night tonight.... durinng our 'Jam Session'!

My mom used to always can fruits and vegetables, so I had helped her (sorta) do it and decided that I was going to do it. I love strawberries, as a fresh fruit, but in NO other way. Not candy, soda, gum, ice cream, popscicles... if it isn't fresh off the vine, I can't eat it. So, I knew that was at... and thier isn't really a bunch of other fresh (cheep) fruit out right now.... but ohhh there are peaches! I had never had peach jelly (I don't think.... apricot for sure- it's my Mom's favorite ever!) so I figured I would give it a try.... They were so beautiful.

If I were a better photographer, these pictures might look better, but they are as good as it gets....

These are the beautiful peaches before they were blanched to get the skin off.

The peaches in the hot tub (as my Step Daughter called it) for 1:15 min, and then into the ice water to stop the cooking

On the stove, the cut up peaches waiting to boil so we can add the 5 1/2 cups of sugar... OMG!

Tada!!! (actually more like Holy Shit it worked!)

And where was my little boy the whole time I was cooking? Ya... on my bed, where he is not supposed to be, as disscused here.


  1. Yummy!

    I'm sorry you're not excited about the injectables. I take some perverse pleasure in sticking myself--like I'm brave or something! lol.

  2. You know I agree with the person who posted above me. It is the ONE thing I have control over in all this mess. And actually it hurt WORSE when hubby gave me the shots. It's not bad at all, I promise. The first few times I numbed it with an ice cube and then after that it was just quicker to not mess with all that. The needles are super small, too. Another plus--there are practically no side effects--nothing like Clomid. Good luck to you!

  3. That's good, because Pave said he would 'try' but wasn't sure. It's not so much that it's a shot, it's just GIVING myself the shot. I always tell the nurses, 'Just do it... don't tell me when you are about to!'

    I pick it all up tomorrow, so we shall see.

    Stacey, that's awesome that there isn't any side effects, because the Clomid one's were about to kill me. Between the hot flashes, and Clomid Crazies, I was almsot ready to call it off.