Friday, August 14, 2009

Strange Bedpersons

Now that Pave is in the swing of things, sort of, his schedule has changed a bit. I enjoy it a little bit more, because I get to spend a BIT more time with him in the evening. At his old base, because of the travel time, he would go to bed about 9ish, and wake up just before five... now that he doesn't have the long commute, and he doesn't have to be in at 7am, he can stay up a little later with me, watching our favorite shows. Depending on the day, and if he's going to the gym, some mornings he doesn't even leave until after 8, which means by then I'm half away so I can cuddle with him.

However, (and this is a big however...) most mornings, I have someone else cuddling up next to me... hes cute, loves to cuddle, and has a wrinkly face, and more then that, he's not supposed to be on the bed at all! He's my little boy Baxter. We have a 'strict' no pets on the bed/couch/etc... which isn't always upheld. Well, most mornings this week, I have woken up with him in bed with me, which means he jumps up sometime after Pave leaves. This morning, his nose was tucked in right under my chin, and the rest of his body was about as close as he could get it. Now really, how can you resist this face? So every morning we cuddle, and then I kick him off the bed! Sorry the picture isn't great, it was taken with my BlackBerry...

All I have to say is he is such a knucklehead!


  1. We too have a no pet policy for the bed. Well, we have a no Dash policy for the bed (Scout sleeps with us). I kid you not, as I was reading your post Dash had both paws up here and was trying to inch his way on the bed. LOL!! He was allowed up here once and was very still, wouldn't even look at us. I guess he thought that if we didn't make eye contact we wouldn't make him get down. Too funny!

  2. Oh I know! It kills me.... He'll do the SAME thing, I laughed out loud when I read your comment! He does the like side glance, 'oh, are they looking, oops, look away, fast, look away!" Sometimes Pave will just poke him, and one time it was about 3 min. before Baxter finally had enough and jumped off. It kills me!

  3. LOL!!!

    We have that same rule here. We actually have those pedestal things to lift your bed off the ground and our dog can't jump up there. But dang it if that cat doesn't claw her way up the comforter. LOL

  4. Hi there! I found you following my blog and came over to read yours. I love the layout/design, by the way! I have to agree with you on this post, my little Ries is only 10 pounds so she never had a "no bed" rule... she typically curls up in the corner, but lately she looooves to sleep right in between Brian and I- seriously dog? There's the whole big bed!