Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Fever?

Is it even possible for a fever to drop from 100.8 to 98.1 in 20 min.... WITHOUT any fever reducing medicine? My step daughter had to get picked up from school early, because she had this 'fever'.... when I got her, she was happy, smiling, and playing. Could it be that she was just hot, because her school didn't have air conditioning in ANY of the rooms... her temperature was taken about 20 min later, and it was 98.1. However, she isn't supposed to go to school for 24 hours after a fever 'breaks' so that means shes home tomorrow.

We are going to make some fun clipboards, muffins, and are going to attempt peach jam.

I also have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to see if Dr. S's 'stair step' Clomid method worked... I'm thinking no, but we'll see. I also need to know the plans for the next few months. I know after a certain number of rounds, you need to give your body a 'Clomid Break', usually it's after six. Pave is leaving for the NCO Academy in February, so I need to ask if that is an ok to do that many cycles before we rest. There are some other questions, hopefully we can get some answers.

Pave has had a long week... only to be made longer because of a 'town festival' that he's going to be set up at Saturday. There is a guy here from the squadron that is here to do PR. So now on top of administering the ASVAB, returning phone calls, and appointments, this week he has been doing "PR stuff".
We leave for New Mexico in less then a month... that's all that's getting both of us through it...


  1. I hope your doctor's appt goes well. Let us know what you find out.
    Thats weird about the fever. I guess its possible, though. Obviously. :)
    Peach jam. YUM.

  2. We are doing the MEEPS for the first time. Some of these jobs are a trip. Hope everything goes well with the drs.