Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Plans

So this weekend we had planned a big barbecue for the new recruiter and his family.

-Hand made 'scrapbook-y' invitations delivered to everyone. Check.

-Grocery shopping for a full meal for 13 people. Check.

-Make sweet tea, strawberry lemonade, key lime pie, barbecue green beans, cupcakes, and pasta salad INSTEAD of date night. Check.

-Stay up late to finish cleaning house. Check.

-Wake up early to do all the 'last minuet' things before heading to a meeting. Check.

-Getting a text message from Pave during the meeting, that the guests of honor are NOT coming to the barbecue that was organized on THEIR behalf. WTF!!!

So ya, I was pissed (wait why did I write that in past tense, I'm still freeking mad). However, everyone else was still coming, so Pave convinced me to just be the amazing hostess that I am, (I pretend I'm Martha... I try, I have a goal to be like her, but I still have a LONG way to go!) and enjoy the evening. The one family with kids came in the afternoon, and we went swimming, and then the other family showed up later. We had a great time, and his flight chief ended up sharing 'war stories' of the Pave Low (which he also worked on... was even at our old base!) until past 9 o'clock. So though THEY didn't show up, we ended up having a great time.

Until.... (why must there always be an until...) my step daughter came in and said, "Mom, my tooth is bleeding" Well anyone knows that a tooth can't bleed, a gum near a tooth can bleed, but not a tooth... right?!? It didn't help that the flight chief and his wife were watching my every move, (and I felt just waiting to see how I would react...) Well, ummm let me look at it, and it was yucky! Somehow (who knows...) she chipped from about 1/2 way down her tooth down to the gum line. There was blood coming up between the chip (that hadn't come out yet), and the tooth. On top of that the filling that she had in there had come out at some point during the evening. Nice. How am I going to explain this to her mother. There wasn't even a good story, like falling off a trampoline! It was already a little loose, so we started wiggling the tooth, because my fear was that with the filling gone, a) hot or cold might hurt it and b)she obviously has issues with brushing (she's 10 and has at least 10 cavities that have been filled.... at our house we use a timer and watch her brush), what if food gets compacted in there and causes more problems. It's not ready to fall out yet, which is good because I have NO idea how much the tooth fairy is leaving these days... I better remember to go get some cash from the bank, because Pave and I strictly use debit cards... and as far as I know there isn't an ATM under her pillow!


  1. That's crazy! (both stories) So, does that mean you have to have another party?? And you MADE strawberry lemonade??

    Re: your comments...

    That's exactly what we're planning on doing with our bank... get a local account for cashing. And we do use credit cards (love the rewards) so it should be pretty easy.

    I would love to get a job on base... even just doing whatever. Unfortunately, all my experience IS in food service... I was a manager for Tim Hortons (not exactly my chosen career, just kinda happened). But I think working on base would be so convenient!

  2. Ummm no. I tried to be nice, I put the whole thing together... now its up to them to meet the families! That may sound snarky, but I'm still pissed. I'm sure I'll cool down, and maybe then we'll plan something else, but until then, to bad, they missed a kick ass dinner! :)

  3. I wish I could have made it, the food sounds good.

    I hope the tooth comes out on its own. As far as the tooth fairy, I give my son 2.00 for every tooth he loses.

  4. Goodness. Hope the tooth troubles are better! We gave my stepson $5. Thats highway robbery for parents, man!

    I would be so freaking pissed about the cookout. Omg. I would make sure that guy knew how I felt too.