Thursday, August 27, 2009

What does the future hold?

So tonight we had yummy Chinese food tonight for dinner, and you can't eat Chinese food (even if it's homemade) without fortune cookies! I try to make sure that there are always some in the pantry. Well, as for the fortunes- Mine said :The current year will bring you much happiness. Pave's said: No need to worry! You will always have everything that you need. We both kinda looked at each other, and laughed, because today we went to the RE for our baseline scan to check and make sure we were ok for the next fertility cycle. I started Clomid today, 100mg again, since it worked well last month. I will go back next week to see if the 'miracle grow' worked. I had to refill all my prescriptions, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Including my trigger shot, we are very lucky because the drugs come in at under $45.00 a month... this is the reason we are continuing with fertility treatments, when we have decided we are adopting. We will have to save money to adopt, and that should take about 2 years, but instead of just twiddling our thumbs for the next 24 months, I figured we might as well TRY! (Especially since TriCare makes it cheep!)

School started, and that impacts our life in two ways:

Pave now has school visits, which adds to his ever full calender. We live in a medium sized city, but his zone is huge. His furthers school is about 1 1/2 away, maybe a little further. It's also a priority 1 school, which means that he has to go there once a month.

Also, there is a new recruiter that is coming in within a few weeks... so they will have 3 in an area that needs 4... and then a few weeks after that, the recruiter that has been here the longest starts his terminal leave... leaving the area back to two recruiters.... with Pave being the 'most experienced'. Two words : HOLY. SHIT. That's scary! :) He is my rockstar, but being the new 'go-to guy'... we'll just see about that.

Second way life has changed, is that since school has started, I'm now substitute teaching. Having an actual teaching degree, I was told, would help me... I wasn't so sure. We were told not to expect any calls in the first few weeks. Ha! School started Tuesday, Wednesday morning I was called at 9am, and asked how quick I could show up. Tomorrow I sub for 1/2 day for an elementary music teacher. This should be interesting. Pave was thinking maybe I could play a recorder. We shall see!


  1. Ha! I think the first song I learned to play on the recorder was Hot Cross Buns..I forgot about those things!

  2. adoption? that's exciting! my husband and i will be starting on that same process (adoption) when he returns from his deployment. :)

    I also had a chinese food filled