Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Fenced Yard, and a beautiful Saturday

So this post is going to be mostly pictures. We were blessed last Saturday with an uncommon day with very little humidity. We took full advantage of that! In fact, we were out there so long that Pave got a sun burn on his back, but he is really white, so maybe that's why... hopefully it will start evening out his wicked sexy farmers tan!

This is my little boy Baxter, living it up in the sun! He's cute when he's not being a shit-head!

Tara LOVES rolling around in the grass. It cracks us up! She is the most 'carefree' (or as Pave says 'brainfree') Great Dane you will ever meet. She has NO IDEA how big she is, and we laugh that she is still so 'puppy', even though she is 3.

We got them a new ball/ Kong/rubber thing. They LOVE paying with it. I wish this picture showed how truly graceful Tara is when she is running. It's fun to watch.

" Oh no! Where did it go?!?! "

"Don't worry sisters, I've got it!"

And these are some of my favorite pictures from the morning outside.

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