Sunday, July 19, 2009

Technology Failure

I never knew I would be SOOO ecstatic to hear those words.... but they were music to my ears on Friday! Usually the words 'technology failure', "hardware malfunction', or the infamous blue screen of death, strike fear around this house.... no facebook, no blog, no watching missed episodes online! I have come to LOVE those words when it is in reference to Pave's government computer. He came home at three, THREE on Friday, and was mine, ALL WEEKEND! (hence- no new posts!).

He mowed the lawn Friday evening, and we watched a movie, and Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. Here in the Midwest, we rarely have a summer day below 70% humidity, which makes it quite 'sticky'. Not this weekend though! It was warm, mid 80's, but hardly any humidity, it almost felt like home (New Mexico). We played with the dogs in the newly fenced back yard for over an hour... we also discovered (or should I say, the dogs discovered) we have some sort of small animal digging holes around our foundation. Since we are new to town, we figured we would take advantage of the wonderful day and go to the local Zoo. It was the most active I have EVER seen animals at the zoo, any zoo. They were enjoying the nice day too! I took a ton of pictures, I'll get them on here sometime soon. After the zoo we went to go get ice cream at Dairy Queen, well, he got ice cream, I got my mint Dilly Bar, and we ate them as we sat together on the benches out side. We watched another movie that night.

Today was church (still trying to find a church home... that's one of the worst part's about moving), lunch, and a little bit of recruiting 'secretary' work on my computer (all his high school scheduling).

It's now almost midnight, meaning my wonderful weekend with Pave is done, but oh, how I enjoyed it!

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