Sunday, April 5, 2009

An uncommon smile

Not that I'm not usually a happy person, but this experience has put us through the ringer. I was a cheerleader in high school... (only for a year, blew out my knee... end of story-get that stereotype out of your head!) so you would think that I would be good at it, but no... not so much!

I thought that i was a strong wife, really i did, but I HAD NO FREEKING IDEA what this would be like. I thought I was strong, because I have gone through this before. We had only been married for about 3 months when he left for his first round of cross training. The helicopter that he was a crew chief for was being retired, and so he either had to switch to the new 'model' that was replacing it, which he didn't want to do, or pick a whole new career field. He left in the spring, and missed my college graduation (still not so happy about that, but I suppose that should have been my first clue to my 'new life'). Well, that was the choice (to change jobs) and he went from being a maintainer to a paper pusher (love, if you're reading this, I say that with all the love in my heart!). That 'work environment change' was a whole 'crises' in its self, but that's ancient history now!

Also, we went through our first deployment last summer. That was CAKE compared to this... CAKE! (never thought I would say that about a deployment). In it's self, it was a somewhat easy deployment overall. Only four months, to a non-combat location, so I slept pretty easy. Also, he worked night shift over there, which was day for me, and because of his 'paper pushin' job, he was at a computer all day. We were able to use 'e-mail' like instant messages. Thank GOD for the blackberry. Literally, that was the best thing for my sanity.

Well, as the title explains, there hasn't been much spontaneous laughter/smiles... that all changed tonight. We have 3 dogs (yes we're crazy). Kayden turned three in February, Tara will be three later this month, and Baxter... we'll who knows, but he's younger then both of them (maybe a 1 1/2). Baxter is commonly known as knuckle head or wigglebutt. Both are perfect descriptions of him. He can be so mischievous, and is that 'annoying little brother'. While I was getting ready for bed, he came running up the stairs, and dropped a bone at my feet. I picked it up and so it began... the wigglebutt was back. He gets so excited that his tail hits either side of him, and his whole back end 'wiggles' back and forth. Well, I laughed! Hard! Which was nice, and very much needed. Now I just need to figure out how to get a Great Dane, a Ridge-back Cross, and a shari pe cross off my bed so I can go to sleep! Only a week and a half and 'daddy' comes home, then I get to share my bed with him, not three dogs. Oh well, to a happy night, raise your glass of whatever... mine is currently filled with vodka and cranberry pomegranate juice... my new favorite!

Side note--> That is my 'drink' for this cross train. The one for the deployment was Key Lime Pie Martini (Houlihan's had the best....) Best part was sharing them (and trying to develop them) with my in-laws one weekend! I guess whatever gets me through!!!

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