Saturday, April 4, 2009

House Hunting

Well, we are close enough to the end to begin house hunting. One more sales lab, and a test. As of next Friday, he will be past day 33, which he says if you pass that, you're graduating. Ok... so 6 more days till then. Then he drives home, we go to the RE appointment (yes... we're crazy, between cross training, selling our house, moving, and him starting his recruiting duty, we are going through infertility treatments!), he sleeps for a few hours, goes to base and does his travel voucher then goes on leave for the trip to his new duty station to find our new home. It would be a lot easier to just rent, then we could get to know the town a little bit, but we don't get that luxuries. No one in their right mind will rent to us, and I don't really blame them. With three dogs (one being a great dane), we are going to be home buyers once again. At least with this assignment we will know that we are going to be around for at least four years.
I've already made contact with a realtor, but since my love has been so busy trying to reshape his entire personality, I've been doing most of the looking. Today we webcam'd for about two hours trying to go through my 'favorites' list. Well, we eliminated 16 houses... found a few more that we defiantly wanted to see... but still have 71 on the list! AUGH!
Oh well... Also, I guess it's about time for me to begin the 'packing' for the interim. My briefing at TMO is on Monday, which is one more step to get us off this base. I figured that the earliest that we will be able to move into the new home, we will have been homeless for at least a few weeks. This should be fun! One more adventure, but I say, bring it on Air Force!

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