Monday, April 6, 2009


Now that was an adventure all in its self. My husband has this 'fancy' clock that set's itself. However, its so fancy, it doesn't really know when daylight savings is, and well, it thought it was yesterday... long story short, I used my phone alarm to wake me up on time, except it didn't! I guess the worst thing about living 45 minuets away from base means that when you wake up at 8:24... there is no way in hell that you are going to be there on time, especially with three dogs that have to be 'pottied'. I was late, they wanted me to come back a different day, but after I explained that I had scheduled my whole morning around going 45 min in the opposite direction of my clients, they squeezed me in (which I am grateful!). Well, it's all set, except we have to go through the Army from now on, because we live closer to an Army base, and we will be moving close to an Army base... look at me calling the bases... I can here my in-laws yelling now! (They are Army).

Well, that was my 'military' day, that and USAA... I hate them. I was on hold for 1hour 42 minuets, and Baxter (this is how he earns his name knucklehead) came and snuggled close to me, and surprise surprise, hung up the phone! AUGH!!!! I gave up for today, maybe tomorrow will be less busy. One can hope! Oh well, I have never really liked them, but I promised my husband I would try to get new mortgage loan quotes from a couple of companies.

Tomorrow is election day... its a SMALL election... but again, we live in a SMALL town (like less then 1000). There are six election judges for 600 voters... a little over kill, but oh well. I think sometimes my husband hates how damn political I am... more news on that on the 15th! Well, now I have been part of almost every part of the election process, from working a campaign, voting, registering people to vote, and soon to be election judge. Now what? I think maybe run for office.... if we weren't moving, I would be on this ballot for alderman. I wonder how its going to go, 5am-8pm, who knew how time involved this was, I'm not sure I would have volunteered for it if I had know prior, but to late now. We'll I'm up in 5 1/2 hours to go do my 'civic duty'. Hasta.

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