Friday, April 3, 2009

Someone failed out...

Well, yesterday was the day of reckoning... for one family. Not ours luckily, but someone in my husbands study group. He had been doing well the whole time, and two weeks before they get done, failed a sales lab. The TI's allowed him to go over it again that night with the study group, and try again the next day, (which had happened to other guys, and they passed the second time). Well, unfortunately, he didn't, which is sad. It shocked the whole class into realizing that they can't let their guard down even for a second. At this point so much is riding on these guy's graduating. I'm not sure how many of the members are there because of the NCORP. That's why we are doing this cross train, so if he doesn't graduate, he will be assigned a new career field, and we will have no control of our destiny. Also, how many other families have sold their house. We have. Of course they tell you not to do anything before you graduate... but really, in this economic climate, there was NO WAY I was going to wait now (actually it's two more weeks until he's done) to try to sell our house.
Yesterday my best 'cheer-leading' was done, trying to support him, and keep his spirits up.

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