Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting things in order...

Well, we are down to about two weeks before my husband leaves for training. This last month has been filled with tons of 'honey-do' projects that had to be finished before he leaves. We know that he has to be to his recruiting office by July, so we put the house on the market now. I have hope that with that much time, and at the incredible price we have it listed at that we will be able to sell in time. We actually had three showings the first week... but then it has tapered off over the weekend. Maybe because it was so wonderfully warm, no one wanted to go look at houses, but instead, wanted to enjoy the weather. I hope that's the case. Speaking of the warm weather, it gave us a chance to 'clean up' the outside. We put new mulch out and painted the back door and front door. We have a small pond in the front of our house, and the ice is beginning to melt, so hopefully that will get cleaned up this next weekend.
Thursday I will go in for surgery to take out some screws that were installed on my most recent knee surgery. I was happy that they were able to squeeze me in before he leaves, because otherwise I would have had to find a ride to and from the hospital. After four surgeries, they said that this one should be cake for me... I hope so!
I'm not sure what to expect as he leaves for training. We've done this once before, the cross training thing, but this is going to be completely different. His flight chief said that on some days, school will be so hectic that he won't be able to call home. I'm not so sure about this. I figured if he could talk to me every day while he was deployed, then he can figure out a way to talk to me when he is two states away! I understand that he will be working/learning/doing crazy hours while he is training, and won't always be able to talk for hours, but I have explained to him that I he needs to make it a point to at least call and say goodnight. We'll see how that goes...
Other then the mad dash to get the house projects done, recruiting has taken a back seat for the time being, but I know I'm only lucky enough for this to last a few more weeks. I'm sure I'll post while he is gone.

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