Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Starting Out

As my husband and I begin this journey, I decided that I a) needed a place to put my feelings down, somewhat anonymously, and b) let those that are facing the same journey have a point of reference (not that I even know what the hell I’m getting into!)

I figured that I have gotten so much help from other blogs, but they have all been Army based, and, well, they have a completely different set of circumstances of how their family began this path. In most cases, they were volun-told that they would be a recruiter, however, we volunteered for it. This straight off the bat changes a prospective of a wife. If you are told, "guess what honey, I'm getting moved to a job that will make me work 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week', I guarantee she will not be jumping for joy.

We had the option of choosing this job or a list of 26 (or so) others. We.... Like I'm the one actually doing the job! It probably didn't help that we made this decision while he was deployed, so the most appealing part was that it was a CONTROLED tour! No PCS'ing.... No deployments... for FOUR YEARS!!! What's not to love about that right... how little I knew then! I guess for now, the thing I have to remember is that even if he work's long hours, he's home, in our bed, EVERY NIGHT. That alone is worth it, especially when many of the other available jobs were highly deployable, or had an in balance overseas. (If we can make it thru 20 years stateside... and do a majority of it in this state... I'm a happy girl!)

We are just beginning to figure things out, and right now, the first thing that we have to get through is Recruiting school. He has been told that they are hellish days. I’ve been through cross-training with him before, and understand how focused he has to stay, but when we were told that some day’s, he won’t even be able to call home, I raise the bullshit flag! I decided that if he can call me EVERYDAY from a deployed location (yes, I know I was luckily, many wives’ don’t even get that…) he can darn well call me a minuet before he goes to bed just to say “Hello, I love you, I miss you, goodnight”. So, in a little over a month, I will be sending my baby on his way down to Texas to learn what it takes to be an Air Force Recruiter.

One of his best friends is a recruiter now on the East coast, and at the bottom of his e-mail is this quote. I love it… so today, that’s how I’ll end!

Our Air Force improves one recruit at a time... CMSAF McKinley

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