Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

The local college doesn't have the same spring break as the school district, so my grad class was off two weeks ago, and I'm off this week from subbing.

I had a huge literacy plan due.  Serioulsy- like 21 pages.  D-U-M-B.  I talked to the girls next to me, and theirs were like 12 pages.  Damn.  It seems I 'over did' this assignment big time. 

Maybe I'll get an A for effort?

But, as of 8:20pm, I'm on spring break! 

I doubt it will be relaxing, sleeping in, pool, manicure time, but I'm totally ok with that.

I plan on gardening, building, painting, staining, and hanging things up!  I'm so excited!

I might even throw some sawing and drilling in there!

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