Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Week Wait

Doing fertility treatments, we always dreaded the two week wait... guessing what every twinge meant, squeezing my boobs to see if they were tender, questioning every queasy moment...

I ended to many two week waits the way most would hope, with two pink lines showing up. I've kept them all. Every pregnancy test I took that came out positive (and I took at least three each cycle...). They are in the bottom drawer in our bathroom. They prove that my body could at least get the beginning right, but could never quite follow through.

We are in a very different two week wait now. We know our son will be here in two weeks. His birthmother will either get induced or have scheduled c-section (depending on if he's still breach) in two weeks.

In two weeks, instead of two pink lines, there will be two very happy parents.

We will be holding him by this time that Tuesday.

Now this is a two week wait I can handle!

Side-note- finished my last final tonight, and actually felt pretty good about it...

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  1. Oh! So excited for your family. Get some sleep now while you can; you'll be gazing adoringly at your new son soon! :)