Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Pictures Part I

Christmas Pictures... seriously the BANE of my existence.  My Mom started this 'wonderful' tradition when we were born to do family pictures every year, and send them out to their family and friends.  I thought that was what everyone did, so imagine my surprise when I married Pave who had NEVER done anything like that....

Talk about a struggle to 'mesh' traditions once we got married! We started with just pictures of us, or the pets, but the last few years, we've done more 'family ones....

Seriously- how awkward does Pave look?
2009- Better, except it's blurry... nice!

And since this might very well be the last year that it's just the three of us on the card, I figured why not do it in style!
I've had a friend who uses for everything! She has three kids, so we are constantly getting cute pictures of them that she ordered from there.  I decided to check it out.  First I looked at these cards.  They have some gorgeous designs, but Pave'gently' reminded him that I took him the day after Christmas to go buy a whole bunch of cards for this year (a tradition- they're half off!), so I looked for something that I could insert into the cards I had bought. 

This one caught my eye, because it's so sophicated.

Depending on how many pictures we love from our photo shoot, this is also a very close second.

I think that I might just send them out late, because of the new addition that is on the horizon, and we can sneak in a picture of him!
I guess I should get started on this.... since we are close to Christmas, and my life is going to be dramatically different in a few short weeks.
Now- to start working on the damn letter that goes with it.... maybe I should just print out my blog address and they can come see our life... but it might be to 'unfiltered' for most!

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  1. I ordered the second one an dthey came out wonderfully! I highly recommend that one.