Monday, December 27, 2010

It's done!

I've seriously been working on this project for four years (and three houses).  I bought it from a shop that was in the little town attached to our first base.  It had a sign for $40.00 on it, and I

It was painted brown (ugly brown) and I couldn't figure out why someone would paint it... once I stripped it (in our second house), I figured out why... it wasn't very pretty wood.  Not much grain at all.  So I decided to stain it dark.

So I start sanding... and then we move.  And it sits in our garage here (third house) until my husband threatened to throw it away.  I got my butt in gear, and got it done...

All sanded and ready for stain.

I stained it a dark, dark walnut color

And then it got cold... so it got polyurethaned in our kitchen... needless to say- there was very little cooking done that week!


It's now in what will eventually be the babies room, covered with baby stuff.  Once we get the rest of the room done, it will be his changing station, with the curved pad on top, and a basked of diapers or something in that open area on the bottom.

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