Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crafty Friends

So, I found some beautiful old windows for $5.00 a piece!  Once I got over the shock of the low price, I immediately scavenged my purse for cash (I hardly ever carry cash) and was able to buy three of them.... but what was I going to do with three wonderful windows?!? 

I thought about it for a while, googled it, bounced some ideas off my designer friend (she's got the 'educated' eye that helps me polish a lot of my projects... she has a degree in design and construction!).  I decided to make them into a sort of picture frame for my family and a friend.

I did my Mom's first, but went all out and bought some Mod Podge.  I SO wish I had done it sooner, because oh-my-gosh.  It is SO different then using just white glue.  I might have a new love. (sorry Pave!)

I asked her where she might hang something 'crafty that contains pictures, that will be about 2' x 2.5'.  She decided to put it in her scrapbooking room, so I was allowed to get a little more 'funky' with my paper choices then if were in my parents 'main' living areas.

This is it head on, I put a different paper in each pane.

(trying to get one without the glare)

Our camera sucks, but you can sorta see where I roughed it up, there was blue paint underneath the white, which came out on the ridges.

I *love* the hinge on the top...

I'm going to do something with magnets (the round black dot), either put a flower on it, or decoupage scrapbooking paper on them or something. 

So... This is what it looks like!  But I feel like it's missing something.  That maybe I need to hang something off that hook, with some cool ribbon or twine?  Or maybe dangle something down the side... but then again I don't want to over-do it.  So... what would you do?

Oh, and I have another one that I'm doing for my next door neighbor, so whatever great ideal you all come up with, I'm probably going to do it for her too!