Saturday, May 15, 2010

Five for Friday (on Saturday)

A friend always does these, so I thought I would join in! 
1.  How you volunteer with me at organizations (like Relay for Life last night) that you aren't particularly bonded to, but you know how much they mean to me.
2.  How you never make me feel 'broken' when it comes to my infertility.
3.  The constant encouragement (ok, really you just don't want to have to pay back for the classes) while I used MyCAA to update my teaching licence.
4.  When you brought me our thing of Abreva before work, because I mentioned that my friend there had a cold sore and was stressed even more because she was MOH in a wedding this weekend.
5.  I love that I married a man that will clean a bathroom better then I could (or would)!

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