Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thanks to everyone who weighed in on our furniture dilemma. We decided what to do...

Not buy it! Ugh...

We realised that the furniture was about 8 inches bigger then our current pieces, which doesn't seem like a lot, but when you double that (one for each piece) it made a huge difference. We would have had to rearrange where our tv would go. Pave put a stop to that, because then there would be a glare on it (heaven forbid), so then we looked at what the option was to get a love seat, and set it up the same way we have now. Except the set we love has a dumb double reclining love seat with a console in between.... so you can only use it to sit, no laying on it.

We looked at other leather pieces, and the only other one we sorta likes was about 500.00 more. Which would have been fine, if we loved it, but it was just ok. So we just decided to fabreze the shit out of them (again), and wait till we find something we love....

But then we went shopping! It was a blast. We haven't "wildly spent" like that in about 5 years (right after we got married). When all is said and done, we did get some really great deals, and most of the things we needed (or really wanted). Pave's 2 pair of jeans that he wears most are from '03, and '05 (our last shopping spree). He REALLY needed some new ones. And he's a pain to shop for, more finicky then a woman!

We went to Express, I can honestly say I have NEVER bought anything in there before. Well, he was trying on jeans and found a pair he liked. They were having a buy one, get one half off sale, so I tried one on. The saleslady brought me a four and I laughed.... until I put them on and the FIT. HOLY HELL, I FIT IN A SIZE FOUR!!!! Granted, that was the only store that the size 4 fit me, but I'll take it!

He also found jeans at the Buckle, which were not cheep either. He has very muscular thighs, and hates his pants being tight. But because of his waist size, its really hard to find them. I finally told him that he can shop by himself, because it takes FOREVER for him to find a pair he likes. We have literally gone EVERYWHERE. Apparently, everywhere but Express and Buckle. They both have 'baggy' styles, which aren't really baggy, but have the space in the thighs. He's a happy boy, and I'm a happy girl, because now he has two pair he likes, and he looks damn good in them too!

Quote of the day: "I don't have expensive taste, my body does"


  1. Lol... I love the quote at the end. My husband is a picky guy too... Well, so am I but you know...


  2. LOL!!!!

    That is so funny!

    Hubs had to get new jeans last year since he quit smoking and gained some weight. It was such a pain in the rump trying to find him jeans. UGH!

  3. We just did the same jean thing this weekend. My husband has a small waist, long legs, and big thighs. Buckle is the ONLY place we can find any jeans. Now, if only he could find polo shirt to fit him right.