Saturday, January 2, 2010

Laundry Room

My in laws got a new washer and dryer right after Christmas, so they gave us their 'old' one. I've been wanting a front loader for a while, but couldn't justify it... at all.... because ours still worked perfectly, and weren't that old.

I repainted the laundry room as they were driving to our house, then busted out a fan and blow dryer to finish up right as they got here. Our whole house is this ugly Salmon/tan/peachy color. Ugh. I've been trying my best to re-paint it as quick as I can, as you can see here.
I picked a yellow color that is almost mustard-ish. It's Behr Cork. And I love it!

I have only done about 5 or 6 loads in it so far.... and on my most recent one, I set the FULL jug of laundry soap (minus 5 or 6 loads worth...) on top of it. Ya, anyone who has a front load will advise you not to do this, but alas- I haven't gotten used to it, or that's going to be my excuse.

This is what happens.

Do you know how long it takes to clean up liquid laundry soap....
We seriously spent almost an hour cleaning it up, and washing, and rinsing, and washing again.... and the damn floor is STILL sticky!
I have always hated liquid soap, but I was told this machine could only take liquid, so I gave up my beloved powder.... but- I read the users manuel (novel idea hunh!), and it says you can use powder OR liquid.... so as soon as this bucket is empty (120 wash load- 5 or 6- whatever spilled on the floor = NOT SOON ENOUGH), I'm going back to my powder!


  1. I hate cleaning liquid soap. It gets on my washer and dryer somehow and its just a pain to clean up. I'd hate to imagine cleaning it off a FLOOR! Goodness.

  2. Oh no! I love the yellow in the room, though, it's so bright and cheery!

  3. I love that color too... The one on the walls, not the mess on the floor, hee hee! It could have been worse i'm sure and I bet the room at least smelled really good afterwards, lol!

  4. Jealous!! I love, love the color!

  5. OH NO.
    Before we moved, we had a laundry soap accident. It was sitting above our dirty laundry basket, and somehow leaked all of its insides into said basket--without us knowing it. It also poured out of the basket, and onto the hardwood. Because we didn't know it happened, it ended up sitting for a good bit of time. Long enough that it almost dried, but was still sticky. I had to scrape it with a frickin butter knife to get it off the floor. It was ridiculous.