Saturday, August 1, 2009


So last night on our way home from the store (getting my birthday present yea!), we were listening to talk radio, and it was an encore of that days show. The announcer said, "And now, on XXXX, and encore presentation of the XXXXX XXXXX Show!".... my husband looked over at me, and said my new quote of the week, "Encore, that's just a fancy word for repeat.". It made me smile, he cracks me up sometimes.

Our house had this horrible pink-peach-blah paint throughout, and I'm doing my best to cover it as fast as possible. So far I have done our kitchen, master bathroom, step-daughters room, and guest bathroom. When my mom was here helping me unpack, I figured out a 'theme' for my guest bathroom. Poor Pave, he hates that I theme every room... but since it makes me happy, he deals with it! Anyways, I wanted this room to be sort of a beachy retreat. I had some of the items, but needed a few more to 'finish it off'. My mom sent me a gift card to buy everything, because in her words, "its hard to squeeze towels, a shower curtains, and one of those cool curved shower rods in an envelope!" Thanks Mom and Dad!! It looks great, I love it! Its the only house that is done-done, everything is how I want it, there is nothing else I wish to add (ok I lied, eventually that light will be changed...)

The glass jar in the middle holds sand and ocean water from our honeymoon in Jamaica!

You can't see it great in this photo, but we got the 'hotel curved' shower curtain rod, it makes the shower area SO big!

Pave is not so fond of the sea horse... but I love it! Don't know why, but it is possibly my favorite single item in there!


  1. hello mrs pave :)))
    thank you for adding me as your favs :)) i LOVE what you did to your house!! your color combination is sooooo lovely and airy ... makes it so welcoming and laid back :) and i must agree with you ... i like the seahorse too!! HUGS!!
    luthien :)

  2. Thanks! I'm still working on some of the other rooms, someday I'll do a whole 'tour' of what I've done... I'm working on the office and scrapbooking room, which is how I found your site... I googled how to cover a clipboard with paper!

  3. LOL!!! i remember that!! :)) i thought that was such a cool idea and pretty too!! good luck on your office and scrapbooking room!! wow! i wish i had a designated room as my art room too!!