Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Award *take two*

Thanks Ashley (@ Raising Brats) for this "Simply Fabulous" award!

You always find a way to make me smile!!

The rules for this award are to:

- Post this award on your blog.

- Blog about a woman (real life, celebrity or fictional) that you think is *fabulous* and explain why you think she rocks.

- Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers that you think are deserving.

A fabulous lady that I know... I know several ones, but they are all fabulous for different reasons. My mother in law would definitely be one. We didn't start out on smooth territory, at all. However, because of a sort of 'intervention' between my husband and his Dad, we now have an AMAZING relationship. I feel almost lost if I haven't talking to her in a while. She keeps me grounded, lets me vent about being a step-mom (she's Pave's step-mom), encourages me when I need it, and most of all, loves me! Another person who I think is fabulous, though I've never physically met her, is Kate at Waiting for Sunflower. She has been so kind as we travel down the road of infertility. I can't count the times that she has sent me an e-mail saying she was thinking about me, or wondering how an appointment went. She also was a voice of compassion and teaching as I found out about my MTHFR diagnosis (a clotting disorder believed to have caused my 6 miscarriages). She shares this diagnosis, and we are on similar treatment plans. She has a little one on the way, Mr. Sunflower (she nicknamed him Sunflower before she found out she was having a son, so I had to 'masculenize' (is that even a word...) it somehow!). I have so enjoyed getting to know her, and all her words of advice!!

And for my 5 fabulous bloggers, I pick:

1. Obviously, Kate at Waiting for Sunflower

2 Any one else that I read, becuasebecause lets be honest... if I didn't think you were fabolousfabulous, I wouldn't read you! :)


  1. WOOHOOO for 2 awards! You go girl!

  2. You are too sweet and kind, you've got me all choked up. I'm so glad we've "met" and have been able to cheer each other on in our journeys and be there for each other in the tougher moments too. *hugs*