Sunday, December 6, 2009

First off, a picture that describes my day! This is the current view of my living room after I wrapped the presents I got today, and this is how it will probably remain, at least as long as my OCD husband is out of town! He is down to Lackland again for his 'refresher' course for his recruiting duty. He'll be gone just till the end of the week, so it gives me enough time to finish up some Christmas presents I have for him.

And yes, the dog's were about as 'in the way' while I was wrapping the presents, as they were when I was trying to take the picture.

What a completely crazy day this has been. Started with Church, then packing to send my husband away for the rest of the week, then a birthday party, and walmart and ended in bliss of a Hardees (Carl's Junior for you Western folks) mushroom thick burger, present wrapping and Brothers & Sisters *double bonus because it was a wedding episode...almost* !

The first year I was teaching 3rd grade, I experienced the HELL that classroom parties were. I suppose in most normal situations, they wouldn't be half bad, however, my room mom was a 1st grade teacher, so she could never 'do' the party, just prepare for it (which is half the battle I guess...) So I was the in charge of doing the craft, sugar-ing the kids up, and then thinking, why am I doing this to myself, because I have to deal with them after their on their sugar high! This was the ornament that we made that year, and I love my little snowman!


  1. Oh he gets to be at Lackland again. Why the need a refresher course after 6 months is beyond me LOL. I hope you are doing well and enjoy the holidays!

  2. Yes, holiday parties are CRAZY!!! I've always worked in low income schools with very little parent involvement, so I've never had help with a party. I love your ornament though. Is that just a silver ball with construction paper glued on? Or marker? I've been looking for something to do with my kids for a Christmas gift, but I couldn't think of anything 5 year olds could really do themselves.