Saturday, December 5, 2009

Academy game

All, I have to say is really.... opposing team's fans... do you think that because you stop they will miss a free throw? These are AIRMAN we are talking about... stomping doesn't freak them out...

And to the dude that had white face paint all over his body, ummm... your "Don't ask, Don't Tell" calls were really annoying... and you look funny all white. Just so you know!

Needless to say, the game was fun, though they lost, but the great seats (that were free) were the best part!

We had a very 'together' day. We went to go see Couples Retreat earlier too...

Before we got married, and our last Balloon Fiesta while we lived in New Mexico, Pave and I got up REALLY early (he didn't love it, because he didn't get off work until about midnight, and I had him up about 3:30 to take me!) Though he had been stationed there for about 5 years, he had never gone... we had a blast, and he got me this ornament. It's purple, which is my favorite color.

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