Friday, November 13, 2009

Sesame Street

Growing up, we always watched Sesame Street. In fact, besides that and Mr. Rodgers, that was about all we were allowed to watch.

If you didn't know, Sesame Street just celebrated their 40th year, and as Google often does, they honored them with themed "Google Doodles". In case you missed them-

There were a couple more, but they were for characters that are only in other countries, so I just put up my favorites!

Also, one of my favorite websites, Cake Wrecks, posted a bunch of cakes that were (very bad) Sesame Street themed... If you don't read her regularly, you should! I often laugh so hard, especially at her comments!

Hope you enjoyed the brief walk down memory lane as much as I did!

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  1. Oh I loved Sesame Street growing up! One of my favorite movies as a kid was Follow That Bird (it had Big Bird in it). Loved it! Did you happen to see Bakerella today? I always love looking at her site. Anyway, she made some Sesame Street inspired cake pops. Here is her link:

    How are you anyway??? I have been so busy and my blog has been on the back burner :( I'm hoping things will slow down in the next week or so..