Sunday, November 15, 2009


Or maybe Thankschrisween?

Or perhaps Merrygivingween would describe it better!

My funny mother in law made up the previous 'holidays' because I had made the comment on my face book that if someone walked in our house, they would get awfully confused. We made Halloween cookies and still had our "EEK" sign out. We also had our "Give Thanks" pumpkins out, and a Christmas tree in the corner of the kitchen.

We've since simplified, and decided to stick JUST with Christmas! Pave brought in all the Christmas totes last night, but he has a head cold today, so it's up to my step-daughter and I to get this house in order! Off to decorate!

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  1. thanks for commenting last week! I'm noticing that christmas starts after halloween now not thanksgiving, screwing me because i need a thanksgiving cookie cutter for my sons prek class.