Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's going to be fun when she's 21!!

Yesterday my stepdaughter had her adenoids taken out. It was a short surgery, that went perfectly, but she was a bit nervous about it, and the IV. They gave her some 'goofey' medicine, and let me tell you it worked! She was cracking us up! I kinda felt bad because we were laughing at her, but it was so funny. She was seeing double, then started reaching up to 'touch the wall, because it's moving'. We had to get her to lay back down, and then she started moving her head from one side to the other (think 'tick tock'). We asked her why, and her matter of fact response was 'the wall is moving, and I can't make it stop, so I'm moving my head with the wall'. Poor girl, but don't feel so bad for her, she is living it up eating nothing but ice cream, popsicles, and pudding!

She was trying to play a game on my Black.Berry, and was having issues... poor thing!

I had to leave before she was released, to go to my own doctor's appointment. I have had this cough that will not. go. away. I'm so sick of it, so I went back in to get my THIRD round of antibiotics. He had one of his nurses give me a shot in my hip that had steroids, vitamins, and something else.... I didn't think they still did that!?!

The second doctors appointment was this morning. On this last round of fertility treatments, we were successful... we got pregnant, again, but only for a few days. When they went to check my beta again, it was back to normal. So here we go, miscarriage number five... We met with my RE, to figure out what happens next. He's doing one last panel of blood tests, and we will meet with him when the results get in.


  1. Bless her heart! Makes me think of this You Tube video--so funny!

  2. Aw honey I'm so sorry. :( I hope they get this figured out for you. Breaks my heart.

    Glad she's doing so well. Take care of her!!