Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drink, Drank, Drunk

That's what this last weekend has consisted of! Our squadron had their Annual awards and training. I ended up being the only wife of the flight that went up... and quickly learned that I was the 'den mother'. Apparently I was the one that was supposed to keep everyone out of trouble. Umm...ya! I found out earlier that week, that I was not pregnant over this weekend, so it was on!

They canceled all the 'wife' activities, (we were planning to go shopping, and then have lunch with the commander and his wife, and get a briefing from someone that came from Family Support) so we were left to our own devices. I actually thought that I had been REALLY sneaky with this blog, not putting in to much identifying information.... Ooops, someone figured me out. I got an e-mail from her a few days before we left asking if we were in ### squadron.... DAMN! She promised to keep my secret safe, and we ended up meeting for lunch, and spent the next few hours with her. It was nice to know someone at the event.

Our flight made "Legend Status", which is really good. I think that the whole flight had to be 150% of their goal the whole year. The guys (the other ones in the flight... Pave's only been working at it the last quarter) worked really hard to do that, and we all got upgraded rooms. We were at a resort on a local lake, and they were more like cabins. Except they were stuck together, in either twos, or fours. One guy made "Legend" status, personally, and so he got to come down a day early and stayed in the main building (with the long hotel hallways) with a lake view.

The rest of us were put close to each other, so that was were we spent every night.

Things I learned:

*There is always one wife, at each formal event, that all you can say is "really?"
*Don't ever let another recruiter mix drinks for you....
*Always bring peanuts for 'drinking' snacks (and making Peanut Butter on the above mentioned recruiter's carpet)
*Take a book, because the guys are busy all day, and the TV reception sucks
*Being able to take the government car is awesome... until you want to go shopping, and can't drive it anywhere.
*The food at these things are as bad as the food at "The E Club" (it was ALL nasty)
*Don't take your flight chief's chocolate cake
*When you make legend flight, it's ok to expect you're flight chief to buy the bottles of liquor.
*When you're flight chief wins the 50/50 pot, it's also ok to expect him to buy the drinks!
*In two nights... I can polish off a bottle of Peach Schnapps (and almost a gallon of OJ)
*Jagermeister and Monster energy drink isn't bad.
*I suck at High, Low, Smoke or Fire (a drinking game, where you have to guess what comes next, if you get four in a row right, you can pass to someone else, if you mess up, you have to drink how ever many cards had been put down, one shot, or swallow of beer per card.)
*Pave is a good husband and did the drinking, as I did the guessing for High, Low, Smoke or Fire. *Before this weekend, I could count on one hand how many times I had seen my husband drunk... after this weekend, I now have to use two hands! :)

and most important---

*If two days later, you're cheeks and stomach still ache from laughing so much... it was a good time!


  1. LOL, How true that blog is!! I am wondering if your "really" was the same "really" we were all thinking. It was great meeting you and hanging out. We need to keep in contact through email and share ideas on the "unofficial running" of the office.

  2. The white one... with the sparkles... and the holes! There's ALWAYS one! haha! I met the new commander in the hospitality suite after the dinner, and our Flight Chief introduced us... apparently, I'm still doing the website, and maybe taking over the newsletter.... We shall see what happens!

  3. I should really see if you reply to my comment before I emailed you. LOL That is great about the website and newsletter. Let me know if you need any help, as all I do is sit home all day.

  4. When I read the first line...."there's always one...." you don't know how hard I was nodding my head. My latest example - an army captain's wife complaining to me that he didn't make enough money for her to pay the bills AND go shopping with....::sigh::

  5. So glad you had a good time! :) And congrats to the guys for making legend status.

  6. I remember those annuals very, very well. Quite the times...

    Glad you all had fun!!