Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini Coke?!? AWESOME!

The "Soda God's" were listening!!! I hate those 1/2 size cans, because they aren't big enough for a full meal, but I have this bad desire to not 'waste' a soda and only drink part of an open can (edit- ok, if it gets opened... it gets finished...)

I have NO self control, so this is perfect to me. Literally, no self control! When I but snack food that is packaged big (like vanilla wafers, almonds, gharam crackers). If I don't do this I sit down with the box, and eat. And eat. And eat. It's horrible!!! At least I've figured out my problem, of NO self control, and am smart enough to 'portion' out snack size amounts!
Speaking of NO self control... seems as I've gotten a little bit pudgy. Well, I've know it for a while, but now I'm down to two pairs of jeans, and three pairs of work pants... and Pave got me a whole new wardrobe for my birthday last year (I had my own little version of "What Not To Wear", it was awesome!!! Don Carlos spent 3 days with me in my closet, and shopping.... this was the picture of all the hangers... every hanger had something on it he threw away, it was a sad day, but then he went shopping with me!)

So, since I have a TON of brand new clothes, I figured just buying more in size up is not a good option, so I better get my Fat Ass in gear. So tomorrow I plan on doing just that- with P90X. We shall see how it goes.... since I'm SO NOT athletic.

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  1. Ooh me and soda, we're good friends. But I know we shouldnt be. Those tiny cans really arent enough but the normal cans are way too much (esp when you're down to your 5th in the day). I'll have to check out these smaller ones!