Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm "Favorited"

So, I'm a substitute for our local school system. I graduated with my teaching degree, taught a year of 3rd grade, and never looked back... My parents offered me a job in the family business, matched my salary, and gave me an expense account. Not to mention that now ever trip I took home the business paid for- BONUS! After doing that for three years, I wasn't sure I wanted to start building my up a whole new set of clients, so my Dad "fired me"... (funny how he scheduled it the SAME weekend that my little brother graduated high school!) Pave and I have been doing well paying off our debt, and with his extra duty pay it helped a little, but we still aren't at the point where I can stay at home yet. I didn't know if I wanted to teach full time again, because if I did get pregnant, I would feel horrible if they hired me, I get knocked up, and a few months later I'm put on bed rest... so we decided that I would just sub as much as I can, trying to make it a 'full time' job. I told them I would sub K-12, Monday to Friday, any position. They all pay a little different, but hey, they pay!

I've been working at least 2 days every weeks since school started, and it's awesome, because they have an online system to check for assignments, and do our time card on. This week I actually could have worked 4 days, but I had to cancel my Friday assignment because of my doctors appointment for my next scan. I love being able to walk in, teach, and walk out. No parents, no grading, no planning, nothing! I also just plug in whatever days I want as a 'non-working day', and they don't call me! Which has been great for the doctor appointments that seem to have become a weekly occurrence.

The last two days I have been in a 2nd grade classroom.

I'm exhausted.

Yesterday they were horrible... but I guess when I came back today, they figured that they didn't run me off, and so it was like a totally different class! AMAZING! I actually had fun today. I'm exhausted, but not exhausted ans stressed. As I was leaving, the secretary asked me for my phone number, because a couple other teachers were interested in having me be their sub in the future. She also said she updated the system, and made me a 'School Favorite'. I smiled and said Thank You.... what does that mean? She laughed, and then explained that now whenever their school has an opening, I get to see it online 12 hours before everyone else. Sweet! I think.
When we moved down here, another reason that I didn't want to sub full time, is because I wasn't sure if I wanted to do elementary school, or head back to a middle school environment, like when I was student teaching. Lets just say I wasn't sure I wanted to do elementary. Now I'm DAMN sure I don't want to do them... give me middle schoolers ANY day! At least for a full time job, though I have enjoyed the multitude of hugs that Kindergartner's through third graders freely give out.


  1. As happy as I am to have a job, I miss those days of subbing. I loved being off whenever I wanted. Although, I don't know how you do middle school. I tried it one day and never went back.

  2. Aw. School favorite. How cute! :)
    You're a brave woman choosing middle schoolers (um, attitude!) over elementary! I couldn't do it.
    I'm glad the kids were better for you yesterday. :) They just realized how awesome you are. ;)

    I wish I could sub. I think it'd be fun.